Anna Averianova


M. Bus

Anna is based in our Brisbane office and is a wealth of knowledge in the SMSF space. She has worked in the SMSF industry since 2006 and has a huge list of certifications and memberships in tow. It makes her day being able to work alongside great co-workers and managers, as well as seeing her clients' satisfaction.

She enjoys traveling and exploring with her husband and two teenage daughters. Europe is her favourite place to soak up history and culture, and Russia, Canada, and NZ are her favourites when it comes to nature and landscapes. Anna believes in making the most of what you've got, and her favourite quote is by Serbian Patriarch Pavle ‘When a man is born, the entire world is happy, and only he cries. But he should live in a way, when he is dying, the whole world should be crying, and only he smiling’.